Payment Technologies

We're known for our world-class trading operation, bespoke suite
of solutions, award-winning technology, and exemplary service.

Currency Risk Management

We work with you to identify and manage your currency exposures, so you can implement a scalable strategy to meet your specific goals. 

Market Intelligence

We're sensitive to trends in global FX markets, and keep you informed and on top of markets, helping you stay up to date with regular commentary.

Industry Solutions

Our innovative industry-specific solutions are designed to address your particular needs, allowing you to focus on new opportunities.



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Global Payments 

For nearly 30 years, we have been a smart,
reliable provider of comprehensive and fully integrated cross-border payment services and currency risk management solutions. 

Cambridge is a proud partner of Exclusive Autosport. For more details on our solutions, 
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Proud to be an Exclusive Autosport Partner

We are thrilled to welcome Cambridge Global Payments as a sponsor and exclusive provider of cross-border and foreign exchange solutions for Exclusive Autosport. The unique suite of services that Cambridge offers will be a valuable asset to the program and will without a doubt simplify and streamline off-track operations. We look forward to a successful 2020 season and thank Cambridge Global Payments for their support.

Michael Duncalfe   |   Exclusive Autosport Team Owner

Streamline your payment processes and
keep an eye on your currency risk!