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FinTech in Focus explores B2B payments and AP praxis in the age of automation. We discuss the issues facing CFOs, controllers, treasurers, and on-the-ground AP teams, and celebrate the talent and ideas that contribute to the global fintech industry.



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Since 1992, 14,000+ global businesses have trusted Cambridge Global Payments to power their cross-border payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk, and ultimately help grow their businesses around the world. Cambridge aims to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally. Utilizing their proprietary payment automation technology and currency risk mitigation solutions, they take pride in connecting businesses large and small with the global financial markets and businesses all over the world.

Nvoicepay streamlines the way companies pay their accounts payable invoices through electronic payments. They are payment experts and the leading provider of simple ePayment solutions for the enterprise. Organizations across multiple industries trust Nvoicepay to streamline invoice payments, dramatically reduce AP costs, and generate new revenue through card rebates. Only Nvoicepay offers a simple and secure cloud-based payment solution that works with every accounting system and all banking partners, and best-in-class supplier services to guarantee success. Founded in 2009, Nvoicepay has thousands of customers paying hundreds of thousands of suppliers with the company’s payment solution each day.

Since 1969, Comdata has been a leading provider of innovative B2B payment and operating technology.  By combining our unique capabilities in technology development, credit card issuing, transaction processing and network ownership, we help our clients build electronic payment programs that positively impact their bottom line and operate their businesses more efficiently. We continuously evolve our products by focusing on our customer’s needs to provide security, accessibility, and profitability.   

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Fintech News & Views: Interview with Nvoicepay President Josh Cyphers

Fintech in Focus caught up with Josh Cyphers, president of a leading automated B2B payments provider Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. He gave us insights on how payment automation influences the economic picture for companies across industries. We discussed a range of topics, including B2B payments beyond checks, payment strategy, supplier experience, fraud prevention and more.


Women in Fintech: Interview with Raquel Adamschek

In this Women in Fintech segment, Fintech in Focus highlights Raquel Adamschek, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales and Dealings at Cambridge Global Payments. While Raquel’s education wasn’t obtained as traditionally as what might be expected, she built her professional career through experience and hard work. She discusses how she imparts this experience to her team and offers sage advice to our listeners. 


Fintech News & Views: Interview with Cambridge Global Payments President Mark Frey

Fintech in Focus talked to Mark Frey, President of Cambridge Global Payments, a FLEETCOR company. We explored the impact of cross-border payments and currency risk management within the COVID-era economy, and discussed topics like payment rails, fraud mitigation, APIs and more.



Women in Fintech: Karla Friede

Karla Friede is a trailblazer in the fintech space. In this episode of Women in Fintech, she chronicles the industry experience she gained over 30 years and offers insights to those interested in this space. 


Women in Fintech: Catherine Dahl

Catherine Dahl recounts her journey from a college student to CEO of Beanworks and beyond. As someone who has witnessed many changes in fintech, she offers her perspective on the future of the industry.


Fintech News & Views: Integrated Payments-Friends, Enemies & Co-opetition

Integrated B2B payment solutions--which work within ERPs and other business software--have been key to helping AP teams stay flexible during the remote work era. Subject-matter experts Don Banowetz and Byron Biggins detail how those solutions have also forged relationships in the business landscape.


Fintech News & Views: How SWIFT GPI Has Transformed Cross-Border Payments

Three years ago, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) launched their Global Payment Initiative (GPI) to streamline the cross-border B2B payment process. Now payments that used to be untraceable and take days to arrive take minutes and can be fully tracked. We asked Cambridge Global Payments product owner Navneet Dhami for the details, and like SWIFT GPI, she delivered. 


Women in Fintech: Colleen Yeager

Colleen Yeager is the Chief Financial Officer of Jama Software, a product development platform. She describes how her background in psychology and accounting supported her ability to provide a positive work environment to her employees at Jama. Colleen also discusses her 2018 Ted Talk, and how her transgender son's journey of self-discovery inspired Colleen to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive workspace.


Fintech News & Views: Comdata Corporate Payments President Rick Fletcher

Fintech in Focus talked to Rick Fletcher, President of Corporate Payments at Comdata, a FLEETCOR company. We talked about the roles of payment automation and virtual cards for businesses during the recovery, and discussed topics like payment strategy, expense management, fraud mitigation, and more.